Key Officials

 Hon. Minister of Health and Environment, Dr. Kenneth Darroux

Hon Minister
Dr. Kenneth Darroux 

 Permanent Secretary, Helen Royer

Permanent Secretary

          Mrs. Helen Royer



To promote the well-being of all citizens of Dominica through the provision of preventive, curative, promotive and rehabilitative health care compatible with acceptable standards of human dignity at a cost that is affordable and sustainable.


Partnering for optimum health for all.


The Ministry of Health and Environment has responsibility for the provision and financing of health care services.  We are also responsible for the regulation of the Health Sector.

Description and Organisational Structure

Central Policy Formulation & Health Administration is the coordinating body of the MoH, with responsibility for formulating policy and programmes, allocating and managing resources to ensure that the Ministry can deliver its mission and strategic objectives.  This role includes, health care financing, provision of essential drugs, quality assurance, maintenance of physical infrastructure, human resource management and disaster management.

Primary Health Care provides the health services to the entire population through a network of 52 health centres and two district hospitals located across the country.  Services include medical care, home visiting, family planning, maternity services, and child health including immunization, nutrition, health education, school health, mental health and dental care.  Specialist staff from the Princess Margaret Hospital conduct ophthalmologic and psychiatric referral services in every health district.

The Princess Margaret Hospital provides curative and rehabilitative services, including medical, surgical, obstetrics, gynaecology, pediatric, neonatal, haemodialysis, psychiatric, accident and emergency care, referrals for overseas tertiary care, ambulatory specialist clinics and diagnostic services including radiography, laboratory and blood banking.

The Drug Abuse Prevention Unit coordinates all activities that provide education to reduce the use of drugs among the populace.  Its main activities are peer counselling, training for students, teachers and parents, establishment of community based drug free clubs, training of community leaders, public awareness campaigns, alternative to drugs programmes and provision of information.

The Dominica Solid Waste Management Corporation is a statutory body responsible for the collection, transportation and disposal of solid waste.

The Health Information Unit is responsible for the management of health information and epidemiological surveillance of health services.

The National AIDS Response Programme is responsible for the coordination of HIV activities in the country in collaboration with other agencies.